Thursday, September 19, 2013

Summer Is Gone?

Woe, woe, woe.... Where did summer go!?!  Seriously I'm pretty sure I missed that memo.  But since it's gone I suppose it's time to get back into the groove.  I wasn't expecting summer to take over my quilting life (because we all become an amazing artist/crazy person when we are in our studios, and it feels like an alter ego to me sometimes).  But it did.  Most of my time has been spent on the ridiculously overwhelming renovations we have been doing in our house (Renovation 800 Blog).  Yet as per any committed (hardcore) quilter I have carved my self out some time this summer and here is what I did (that lead up may prove to be a little anit-climatic):

 I've been working on drafting a Joesph's Coat pattern.  I searched and searched the web for a tutorial on this pattern but I only found one.  It's an old pattern but darn I've had quite a bit of trouble with this quilt.

I decided the best way to go about it was to make my own templates and do some practice blocks... Well, that was a good idea.
The bits and pieces

The abomination

 Well as you can imagine it was quite a disappointment.  I found a great forum where I was able to get some advice on the the assembly, but to be honest I've taken a step back for a bit.

My new toy is a projector my husband found in the basement at work.  He traded a guy a case of beer for it.

Here is a photo of my girls and a part of an upcoming project... cool eh!  Last but certainly not least I finally made myself one of those thread catcher deallys. 

Well a fairly uneventful summer in my studio.  But perhaps if I ever finish the drywall in the house I'm bound to get sewing again.  I'm going to link up with the lovely people over at the Needle and Thread Network.  I have been quietly reading all the posts over the summer, I absolutely love the work these people do.