Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Holiday Seasons End

The holidays are over, thank goodness.  I'm the type of person to get that tree packed up on Boxing Day and eat all leftover candy canes ASAP.  The kids got kittens for Christmas, which as you can image helped spur me into action to get those little cats out of the tree.  Anyhow it was a quiet Christmas since we don't have any family here in Saskatchewan   So I decided to teach the kids to sew.   Jordan is six and Payton is five.  I started with the kids on my lap just guiding the fabric through the machine, but soon realized that they were capable enough to use the foot petal.  I'm very proud of their quick progress but even more impressed with their eagerness to keep sewing. 
Sniping the squares apart. 

Arranging the strips. 

Payton said to me that when she grows up some more she will help me design and sew quilts so we could make lots of money.  Hahaha with luck Patyon, with luck.  It was a fun project to work on together.  Jordan wants me to make sure I have a space for a kids sewing area in my new studio, and I think I can fulfill that request.

I have also been working on a seeming endless stream of designs as I'm learning to use a drawing program on my computer.  I have also completed my first quilt pattern and it is being tested by a friend of mine.  Hopefully I'll have something to show someday soon.

For Christmas I received a gypsy 'Sit Upon'.  It's a purple pillow full of air to sit upon while you quilt.  I'll review it better in a couple weeks and let you know about my experience.   Happy New Year.