Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I'm so far behind in my blogging, if you could just press your face to the computer screen maybe you could catch the jist of my procrastination without my typing it... No? Fine well here it is then.

I received Michelle's 'fuglies' in the mail from her giveaway a couple of weeks ago.  Michelle is a creative improv quilter who I blogs over at From Head to Fabric.  Thanks again Michelle, I'll put them to good use.

Whew, I know it's cliche to type about the weather but comon, I can not believe how much I despise winter right now.  I know the whole country is gritting their teeth trying not to kill each other, and I thought I would congratulate everyone on this accomplishment.

This little one is part of a rather large herd of deer eating all the trees in town right now.  I chit chat with this little guy pretty much every day that I quilt.  My kids spend most of their outside time building deer traps, apparently my cooking has been sub par lately and they figure that deer would be the best alternative.  I'm fairly impressed with their ingenuity but alas no deer roast yet.

I have been working like crazy on my studio and an ever growing pile of commission quilts.  But I'm trying to make my studio #1

Here is a sample of my mudding and taping.  I have a fairly entertaining article over at my renovation blog, Renovation 800.  Anyhow that's pretty much all I can post about quilting wise since the majority of my quilting projects are either bundled in a corner, secrets, or in drafting stage.
A little note to all the wonderful artists over at the Needle and Thread Network: I have been busy but reading all of your posts, and enjoying your creativity.