Wednesday, December 18, 2013


My last post on this blog was almost three months ago!  As everyone can appreciate life kind of got away with me.  My husband and my mother contrived to send me off to Peru to partake in a two week whirlwind of adventure and absolute awesomeness.  
Machu Picchu Ruins
So without an entire paragraph of bragging, it was two of the best weeks of my life.

Also I have been working tirelessly trying to complete a massive attic renovation.  
This was the attic before the renovation when we first bought our house.  This attic spoke to my husband and I, we just knew we could turn it into something special for the kids.  We have been working on it for the past 6 months.  If you ever feel like reading about the never ending, built from nothing, drywall madness, renovation of my life feel free to head over to my other blog Renovation 800
Now back to business!  It is so hard being separated from my sewing studio.  I have been having some pretty serious withdrawals.  But that is over now and I'm back to the pure joy and creativity of coming up with bad names to call my machine or whatever project I'm working on.  

I ADORE the modern zig zag quilts I see plastered all around the net, they have just been calling my name lately, so I decided to give it a go.  

 I cut 10 inch squares of three different blues.  Then cut a matching number of 10 inch squares of white fabric.  Match a blue to a white and sewed along all four edges.
Mmmmm, beer and clam in the background.  *caution alcohol and accurate cutting do not always go hand in hand. 

 Next step was to take my ruler and cut corner to corner.  I'm not a huge stickler for super accurate piecing but I knew that it was going to be pretty obvious if I messed up with the points in the zig zag quilt, but still I decided not to square these blocks (smack self in head, probably was the beers fault).

It actually turned out pretty dang good.
 As you can see I added some bright yellow blocks to make the quilt more artistic and give it some pop (I actually ran out of blue blocks to make it the size I wanted).

One of the reasons I wanted to make this quilt was because I really wanted to try my hand at some 'modern quilting'.  So taking cues from some of the biggest and brightest names in modern quilting I have been doing nothing but quilting in my spare moments trying to get 'that' look.  I think its coming along nicely.

This is a project that is in the works on the projector right now...

This holiday season I made a whole bunch of these fun character touques.  But I forgot to take photos of them all.  So here are a couple I remembered.

Whew, boy I sure hope I keep up with this blog this winter.  That was a lot to get out.  I apologize for the quick and dirty post but I just had to get all that out.  I'm linking up with the wonderful Needle and Thread Network, a great place to check out some seriously talented fiber artists from Canada.  Please stay safe this holiday season and don't drink and drive.