Saturday, April 21, 2012

Boys Walk Funny

How Boys Walk
 Well we are gearing up for our annual quilt show for the "Mile '0' Quilt Guild" April 29th (1PM at the KPAC building Dawson Creek, BC).  This will be my first show and I'm darn excited.  This quilt will be my main contribution to the competition.  I have no expectations of winning but it would sure be some serious bragging rights.  I had to give my quilts proper names for the show so I have dubbed this one 'How Boys Walk' which makes me laugh because the pattern is called Drunkard's Path (insert evil chuckle).
I really like the quilting I did on this quilt because of the circle/square contrast.  It was also really fun to quilt.  I wish I had thought to try straight lines the first time, plus there was no back tracking (travel stitching), or silly 'do not cross go' rules.  I washed my fabric for the first time too on this quilt, and I know there is a big thing that it does or doesn't matter, but personally I think it does matter.  Even just working with the fabric felt better.  The fabric is from Wal-Mart since there is no fabric store within 100 kilometers.
Back of Quilt

Anyhow, taught my oldest kid to ride a bike this weekend... She will play with glass and cut up stuff, throw flaming sticks at her sister, generally hang upside down from anything, but she won't ride her bike through a puddle!  I swear if I ever figure out how to make proper Yorkshire Pudding next is figuring out what's up with this kid.

I'm making progress on a number of projects, most notably one I've be commissioned to make for a lady (yeah that's right for real money).  Another quilt is a charity quilt I'm quilting for a lady from our guild (I traded her my services for a old sewing machine).

Here is my first attempt at feathers and leaves.        
  Not too bad. 

I joined up with Marcia's Crafty Sewing & Quilting Blog Party, it's been great having new people read my posts and to read others, lets keep this party going!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The Rules Of Quilting:
1. Don't bleed on the quilt
2. 'Close enough' IS a term of measurement
3. It's not a mistake, it's a creative opportunity
4. A messy house is the sign of a happy Quilter

Well this happy little quilt is the 'Care Bear Quilt' (I am aware that the names of my quilts suck). Anyhow this silly quilt sent me for a little trip right at the beginning. I started to iron the care bear fabric and thought I saw something flash... Well I shrugged that off, thinking it must be my 'lovely' children playing yet another prank on mom. But as I continued along the task of ironing out a huge unmanageable amount of happy happy fabric I was even more convinced that I had unknowingly ingested narcotics. Alas it was not true, turns out if you iron glow-in-the-dark fabric it flashes the same kind of green that kryptonite does. Well kryptonite or not the quilt went together fairly easily after that. the pieced boarder was the first that I have ever one, but it was no big deal in the end.

So I quilted it with a swirly cloud kind of design and tada it's over... or is it. When I mentioned I had ironed a whole butt ton of this fabric I wasn't kidding, now I have to make another one. Oh well the kids like them, and everyone in Dawson Creek appears to be breeding right now anyhow.
I have been working on some landscape techniques lately and I feel as though I am making progress in figuring out how to do this particular technique. I'm a little miffed that it appears to be possible to copyright a technique, I will not be honoring this particular copyright because its copywrong. I will figure it out on my own. I would like to refer you to a post a read by Leah Day that covers this subject because I feel just as strongly as she does but it would appear she is not as lazy in her typing.

Well that is all for now, since we moved on Easter Long it took a while to get the internet and telephone hooked up again (it was quite peaceful). But I'm back and will post again next week.