Wednesday, April 4, 2012


The Rules Of Quilting:
1. Don't bleed on the quilt
2. 'Close enough' IS a term of measurement
3. It's not a mistake, it's a creative opportunity
4. A messy house is the sign of a happy Quilter

Well this happy little quilt is the 'Care Bear Quilt' (I am aware that the names of my quilts suck). Anyhow this silly quilt sent me for a little trip right at the beginning. I started to iron the care bear fabric and thought I saw something flash... Well I shrugged that off, thinking it must be my 'lovely' children playing yet another prank on mom. But as I continued along the task of ironing out a huge unmanageable amount of happy happy fabric I was even more convinced that I had unknowingly ingested narcotics. Alas it was not true, turns out if you iron glow-in-the-dark fabric it flashes the same kind of green that kryptonite does. Well kryptonite or not the quilt went together fairly easily after that. the pieced boarder was the first that I have ever one, but it was no big deal in the end.

So I quilted it with a swirly cloud kind of design and tada it's over... or is it. When I mentioned I had ironed a whole butt ton of this fabric I wasn't kidding, now I have to make another one. Oh well the kids like them, and everyone in Dawson Creek appears to be breeding right now anyhow.
I have been working on some landscape techniques lately and I feel as though I am making progress in figuring out how to do this particular technique. I'm a little miffed that it appears to be possible to copyright a technique, I will not be honoring this particular copyright because its copywrong. I will figure it out on my own. I would like to refer you to a post a read by Leah Day that covers this subject because I feel just as strongly as she does but it would appear she is not as lazy in her typing.

Well that is all for now, since we moved on Easter Long it took a while to get the internet and telephone hooked up again (it was quite peaceful). But I'm back and will post again next week.


  1. I love hearing about your quilting journey. I think you're doing an amazing job! I'm hoping to start quilting in the fall - as if I need something more to do! I think it'll give me a good chance to rest my wrists from all of the crocheting and knitting. At least I now know someone who I can go to when I have questions! Keep up the beautiful work!!

  2. Sam, I found your blog at the New Quilt Blog Linky Party. I can't believe you've done so much machine quilting in such a short period of time! You're doing so well! I know how hard it is to quilt with kids around. I'm finally getting more time now that my kids are away at college. I look forward to keeping up with you since I'm your newest follower! Nice to meet you!!

    1. Thank You Rosemary. Yeah the kids are learning more every evening that they should go to dad, or be extra polite if they need anything lol. It looks like your most recent road trip was an inspiring one.

  3. So... I am number 5 as a Follower. I had a fun time reading your posts. I espically like your circle quilt. And who cares what the back looks like anyway? I found you by way of Marcia's Linky Party. I look forward to future posts.
    Till We Quilt Again, Helen

  4. You certainly have guts! I still haven't tried much or any free motion quilting. Have a stack of quilt tops ready, tho, but don't dare try yet!. Started following you via Marcia's Linky Party. Nice blog.

  5. You've got a new follower thanks to the linky party :) I'm a new blogger too!