Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Cats, Chairs, Chaos

So we moved into our home in the early fall of 2012.  Because we moved inter-provincially we sold most of our big furniture before leaving and have replaced said furniture with cheap non permanent stuff to get us through the renovation (or complete destruction depending on how you look at it) of the entire house.  This includes these $10 plastic covered folding dining chairs (which match perfectly with the folding plastic table).  I'm really not too worried about ambiance these days but after the kittens (smack self in head) I had to start repairing their midnight romps.  

One piece of tape really isn't too bad, but are you seeing this!  The cats are INSANE!!! I may have picked a poor winter to house kittens indoors...  Anyhow over Easter weekend I just couldn't stand the sight any longer (avoidance of the kitchen is detrimental to a happy marriage and the nourishment of children, or so I'm told).  So I grabbed an old sheet, some leftover batting, a stapler, a screwdriver, some scissors and a beverage.

Step 1: Unscrew cheap particle board cushion bases from metal frame.

Step 2: Tear off destroyed kitten saliva soaked mass of plastic and other unidentifiable material from cushion base.

Step 3: Cut perfectly shaped batting to fit cushion base

Step 4: Give up on step three, and rough cut the rest

Step 5: Make another beverage

Step 6: Cut another layer of rectangle pieces of batting to wrap around cushion base

Step 7: Cut fabric in shape large enough to wrap around cushion base

Step 8: Gather all misplaced tools/materials, yell at husband for another beverage, scold children  try and not swear too much at kittens.

Step 9: Layer 2 pieces of batting and one piece of fabric onto cushion base.

Step 10: On back of cushion base stretch fabric firmly and staple into place, continue stapling around entire cushion base, pulling gently but firmly.

Step 11: Try not to staple self, lay off the beverage.

Step 12: Re-screw new beautiful cushions onto metal chair bases.

Step 13: Sit on pretty chair, use thick foam next time.

Notice I got the stripes wrong on the 2nd one in?  Not a bad afternoon.  If anyone is interested in doing this for themselves I would recommend maybe Googling it first, and making sure you have the correct materials on hand before you start LOL.  The funniest part is I made spaghetti for dinner and made the family eat in the living room so they wouldn't get sauce on my nice new chairs... so I'm still avoiding the kitchen.

I'm linking up to The Needle and Thread Network, a great place for Canadian fiber artists... My weekend project may not be art but it's funny.


  1. They look great Sam! Love the instructions too :)

  2. Good for you! I especially like that one chair doesn't follow the crowd:)

  3. Look at the alignment of the stripes, other than the one with the seat stripes turned a different direction. That is a high-class detail. I am laughing with you because this is so me. Thanks for sharing.

  4. You are so entertaining! I laughed my way through your post! Great job on the chairs! You are a bigger/better upholsterer than me- I sent mine out to be done.

  5. I laughed out loud when I saw the destruction of your kitty cats. Those rascals! I love cats, but they can be furniture wreckers. And I love your fix for it. Nice job, and very ingenious.

  6. Those chairs are at least as good as some of the work I have seen on HGTV! They look great, and I don't blame you for making the family eat their spaghetti elsewhere.

  7. great redo on the chairs ... now the kitties have to be good little kittens with their claws in....
    in stitches

  8. So creative and I too would not be able to live with the kitten-scarred chairs any longer! You did an awesome job!

  9. Nice job on the chairs! I try to avoid the kitchen myself!

  10. Nicely done on those cat ratty chairs!

  11. Wow! Good job! One thing I springs to mind, not declaw the cats (that's cruel), perhaps use laminated cotton because it's easy to clean spag sauce from. Maybe it's not called that, now that I think on it, and it is plastic-y. Maybe not such a great idea...

  12. Too funny Sam. ( I made Lyle read this also. ) I hadn't read your February posting re how much you like the chair. I love you too.

  13. cats r scary

    there. i said it.
    : )

    oh my
    How are you dealing with this 'winter that won't go away' ?

    ~Monika in Saskatoon