Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Twisted Circles

Original Plan for Twisted Circles
Well it's been weeks since my last post and busy as I have been I have still been quilting.  Summer is such a busy busy time for life. Today is the last day of school (yeah no more early morning lunch making! [bet that comment will come back to bite me]).  Looming in the all to present future is the beginning of massive home renovations.  I could go into it \but I'd really rather pretend it isn't happening for the next 20 odd minutes it takes me to type this out).  

In the rather large part of my mind that is devoted to quilting thoughts (24/7) I have been trying to define my quilting style... I used to think I liked small quilts but I realize now I don't, I just couldn't get one to be the right size at the time.  I don't really like dense quilting because I like quilts to be snugly.  At the same time I'm not a huge fan of traditional quilts (although I do have serious respect for that piecing!).  I'm not a fan of the super artistic quilts either... I just find it all a bit messy.  I know we shouldn't try and define ourselves or back ourselves into a stereotypical art corner, but... I was bored of dishes.  I think this quilt defines my 'style' pretty well.  It's complicated, clean, big, modern (negative space), and complementary bright (to my eye :).  I don't know what that's called but it's a big enough corner for me.

The quilt pictured is a commissioned quilt my cousin asked me to make for his girlfriend.  He told me to make it pink and awesome.  I changed my mind a million times but finally decided to complicate my original plan by adding the curved going up and down.  Also I couldn't do the whole quilt in pink, it needed some umph, so I fell back on good ol' lime green.   

I decided to keep the quilting simple and do echoing circles around the circles. I'll post photos of the completed project when I find some time to finish the binding.  It was hard keeping the circles circular and evenly spaced, but I'm happy with how it turned out. 

I moved!  Well I moved some of my stuff into the studio!!! If you haven't been following along with my battle through renovations (or from the ground up to be more accurate) than you can check it out at the renovation blog Renovation 800, but to sum it up... it was hard but here we are. 

It's messy and incomplete but we MUST move on to other things. 

On a side note I have been crocheting a bit too and seeing some progress in my skills (mostly pattern reading hahaha).  This little unicorn has a video tutorial by the mind behind Yarn Yard.  You can find the video HERE.  There is also a link to the written pattern Here.

I'll be gone again for a while so expect no new posts from me.  I'm going home to BC for a couple weeks to visit the family.  

I'm linking up the the needle and thread network where all the cool kids hang out.


  1. I think you are an artist and your style is you and that is wonderful , keep up the great work and do your own thing that is where you excell! Very pretty quilt !

  2. I just love that quilt!!! I'm not normally a pink person; but this is unique....great job!!!!

  3. Oh my. Your studio is wonderful......what a great place to create! And your quilt is very unique - how fun to be developing your own style! Way to go!

  4. Love the modern take to the quilt! Finding our styles is hard with so many ideas out there! We just have to go with what feels good to us!

  5. visiting for the .blogathon. This quilt is awesome. Great use of colour and that accent of the lime, wow.