Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Quilting Fun or Not so Fun

We all have that one quilt that we just want to throw into a fire pit and dance around naked until it all burns to ash!!!!  Well instead (mostly because it's too cold to go outside naked) I decided to finish the darn thing.  So here it is (left).  If you've been here on my blog before you may have come across a rant or two about this dang quilt.  So instead I'll just list a couple of great reasons to hate this quilt.
  • It was inspired by the awesome improv quilting movement (which is time consuming, difficult, and makes no sense even to a person who would dance naked in her yard). 
  • I couldn't use the thread I wanted because it kept shredding in my machine... so for some reason that is a reason to hate this quilt.
  • The bright green thread didn't give me the effect I was hoping for.  
  • Stupid improv....

I have been working on a lot of other various projects but instead of my incomplete stuff (and I truly just don't feel like typing about me right now), I thought I would just share a couple of photos of some of the things being worked on at our quilting day out in Laporte, Saskatchewan. 

That is all for me today, head over to the Needle and Thread Network to check out some really great Canadian talent.


  1. i have had some of those!!! love your clown quilt

  2. I think we all have had these ones.....I love that clown quilt!!!!!

  3. Yup, I've had some projects like that for sure. I did an improv baby quilt and loved the process and results. It looked a little different than yours though.

  4. Some days and some quilts are just like that! You persevered and I love how it turned out...modern to the nth degree! Inspiration is good for our creative quilt souls too! :)...You will get back on that quilting horse in no time!

  5. I love the clowns! Is that a pattern?

    1. Yes the clown quilt is a pattern. I didn't make it though. I'll try and remember to ask the lady who did make it what the pattern is.

  6. You did finish! And I like the zig zags!

  7. I love the tumbling clowns too and all the other eye candy! I know exactly what you mean by a quilt you hate. I eventually finished my "quilt in a day log cabin" after 20 years. Think back in that time frame of colours - it was brown and orange with a bit of purple. Of course, once the squares were together, it screamed A & W!! It is done and I still hate it!

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  9. Oh it is a relief to hear someone else speak honestly about improv quilting! Tried it once and found it wasteful of fabric and yes, time-consuming! And not fun! Give me the beauty & symmetry & repetition of more traditional quilt blocks any day!