Friday, June 1, 2012

Feature Friday

Are two really better than one?  Well my friend is going to let me know when her twin boys are born later this summer.  As I've mentioned in previous posts I'm moving to Saskatchewan at the end of June so I've been working on a couple of cute quilts for those precious little boys that are bound to drive her crazy one day soon.  I did up a very simple block, I'm really not sure what it's called but I know that it does the job.  I actually learned a lot about colour on this quilt.  Originally I was going to have those bright red diamonds be a pastel blue, but as stated by one of the wonderful ladies at my guild 'where is the pop?'.  She I just happened to have some red kicking around so POP!  Obviously there are going to be twins so I had to make a second quilt.  There are a couple of sets of twins in my family and I didn't want to make the quilts the same... but I couldn't resist, so basically where there is green on one there is yellow on the other.  A big department store is going out of business here in Dawson Creek, and there were a bunch of those super soft micro fiber blankets for sale so they are super soft on the back.  Obviously I decided to just give these blankets a quick stipple.  I'm still in the process of stitching down the boarder of the second quilt.

Otherwise with so many babies coming up this summer I have also finished another Care Bear quilt for a hypothetical baby girl my friend may be having (I really hope it's a girl because I don't have a little boy back-up quilt).

I've been working through my 'stash' like a demon.  I suppose it's really not that hard when all my stash consists of is mostly hand-me-downs from other quilters.  But I'm loving working with fabric I wouldn't choose for myself because it forces those creative juices... Although pumping out simple baby quilts is not exactly my idea of a stroke of genius at least it keeps me happy :)

On another really more important note I have titled this post Feature Friday because I have been given the honor of being the quilter selected to guest post for the Feature on The Needle and Thread Network.  Basically the network is a common link up page for Canadian fiber artists.  It's a wonderful site run by truly patient people (yes patient, I don't communicate good sometimes :).  Anyhow here is the link to my feature   

I plan to post again soon, but life keeps throwing curve balls at me.  Nothing serious, just some day surgery for my eldest daughter and appointments coming out my butt, tiring to get it all done before the move from Northern British Columbia to Central Saskatchewan.  I find life so interesting that way eh, one day you can be peaceful and calm ready for the day and....BOOM!!! This, that, and the next thing are all needing attention right now!  Oh well, I suppose your not a procrastinator until it smacks you in the face eh!  Well make sure to check out The Needle and Thread Network.


  1. Oh my!!! lovely quilts, btw. 2 little boys!! My husband is an identical twin...they at least will amuse each His mother had 2 sets of twins; poor woman..haha. last set was a boy and a girl...which made her extremely happy. She had 7 boys and 2 girls....

  2. Your baby quilts are adorable! I feel the stipple works so well. I just love them!

  3. Congratulations Sam on being featured on The Needle and Thread Network. Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful quilts that you are creating.