Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Keeping Pace

Well, since I started this blog just over 6 months ago, I have moved 3 times... I'm really tired of it.  Anyhow, our move into our new home went as smooth as 60 grit sandpaper.  I could go into that, but since renovation/restoration and quilting are very different subjects, I decided to just start another blog, so along with my husband (who proof reads here for me too) I've started a new blog on our descent into renovation hell, you can find that here.

My new sewing area... in the living room, my husband is so happy. 

Somehow during our whirlwind decisions moving us to and fro, I somehow seem to start and finish projects.  I have finished my huge heron quilt, right in the nick of time too.  My mother and father arrive tomorrow to pick it up.  I was going to post a photo today, but I think I'll wait and get a photo of her and Dad with the quilt.  In the meantime, I have started to quilt a disappearing nine-patch I put together a month or so ago.

I love variegated thread.  Mostly because I didn't even know it existed before I started quilting, and ever since then I have been quilting almost everything with it.  For this project, I chose to use a rainbow variegated thread!  I think the obsession has finally worn off.  Originally, I had planned to quilt this quilt using Leah Day's cucumber vine design, but I couldn't do that much travel stitching with the variegated thread (I just don't like the way it looks). So instead I decided to go with a simple leaf design... but I think it would have been better with the cucumber vine.

Fuzzy super softy minky backin

I started another project since I like to have a couple going at once.  I'm absolutely taken with black/white/lime green.  I know that it's a common colour scheme, but I just can't shake the thought from my brain.  So I decided to go with a modern wonky square block (also inspired by Leah Day).  I hacked the heck out of some fat quarters, slashed some white cotton and went to work. seriously I didn't measure or square anything.  I just went to town.  I chain pieced some white strips onto my fat quarter "squares" then finally broke out a ruler and wonkafied my fabric chunks.

I only had 5 black and white fat quarters.  Notice anything missing from this colour scheme, yep no lime green.  I plan to make this quilt in only black and white then quilt it in the brightest lime green thread I can find.   I have no idea how I'm going to put it all together yet since the blocks are between 5" and 13" squared.  I need to get my design wall up before I can make anymore progress on this project.  Should I find some more black and white fabrics?  Well, I seem to have another baby boom on my hands... I have to make 4 more baby blankets before spring.  Baby blankets and I have a bittersweet relationship.  This next baby boom in my life will end up with funkier blankets I think.  That is all in the quilting curve has for me now. 


  1. Wonkafied! Luv it! I think the black and white fabrics with hot lime green thread will be just lovely!

  2. Totally agree with Elle! Can’t wait to see the finished product!