Friday, May 11, 2012

Hoot a Day

Hoot a Day
Well as the week has past panic is setting in as the reality of moving my family two provinces over (British Columbia to Saskatchewan) becomes a reality.  I'm extrememy concerned about my becoming frustrated by the lack of comfortable scenery.  I plan to keep an open mind because I'm sure the flatland holds the same amount of charm as glorious, huge, enchanting mountains do...  Oh crap I'm so in trouble.

Anyhow there has been a frantic rush to finish all my projects that are going to people here in British Columbia.  One of my  friends here in town had the audacity to have twins and double my work (perhaps I should just be thankful it wasn't me hahaha).  I also took on a commissioned baby quilt for a lady, it was a very simple project, yet it was very hard trying to figure out what my time was worth and how much does someone pay for a baby quilt? So here is a breakdown of what I did:

  • Sewed boarder onto panel. 
  • Attached label to front via decorative stitch.
  • Basted quilt (had to buy different batting $12).
  • Quilted  quilt (32' x 45' approx) with simple design (4-5 hours), had to buy thread ($3).
  • Made and attached binding, hand sewing it down (3-4 hours).

                                                                           All in all it really wasn't a big deal and it was good practice, and I would have done it for free if I had known her.  Talking to some people (my mom of course) I came to the conclusion that if I short change myself now with my quilting I always will.  So the price I completed this project for was.... $75.00.  It was tough to ask for that much money but I felt confident in my workmanship.  The exchange went off without a hitch and I'm pretty happy about the whole affair.


  1. CUTE! I love the baby owls!

  2. I think that sounds like a very fair price for the work you did. The lady was lucky to find someone who would complete the project for her. Good luck with your move. I found that when I relocated from Michigan to Kentucky, I missed people, but I find the new location to be fascinating.

  3. Dear Sam, I couldn't find your email on your profile or on the blog, so I have to reach you by commenting on a post. You signed up to be a Friday Feature guest poster on the TNTN (The Needle and Thread Network). I read you're moving. It might be a bad time for this. Could you please get in touch with me?