Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pretty in Purple

I've had a full couple of weeks, mostly just a wrenching decision to move my little hooligan family to Saskatchewan?!? Yeah, it's still to be determined. But anyhow with a long, long, long drive to Saskatchewan looming, my sweet husband recommended that I make a quilt for his cousin who would be watching the kids in Edmonton for the 4 days. Well of course to any normal person this seemed like a great idea... until I became over confident, over ambitious, and completely out to lunch, since the deadline was a mere 5 days away. So like a crazy person I dropped all other activities and family affairs (dishes, dinner, laundry etc...), and set to a long quilt-a-thon. The only thing that saved this doomed project was my Baby Accuquilt cutter. Honestly I just received the drunkards path template in the mail the day before and figured I could whip one of those together in no time Haha...ha. Honestly, the reason why I put this photo of my machine with the pieces on it is to give you an idea of the itty-bitty pieces they really are. I swear, by the time I had all those little blocks sewn together I was walking in a curved line. It was finally time to put the pieces up on the wall and figure out what type of placement I wanted them to be in... This one did not pass.

I ultimately went for the scatterbrained placement, since that was the way I was feeling. So basically the construction of the quilt went; Bits to pieces, pieces to clumps, clumps to strips, and finally strips to an embarrassingly tiny quilt top. Honestly my greatest downfall is size estimation... or A.D.D., I'm a little torn on the issue. Anyhow all negativity aside (and some purple and black borders) you get what you get in a two day period. Funny that feeling of accomplishment that we feel when we finish a quilt top, we all know deep down inside that your only half way done, but conveniently we feel that a major sense of accomplishment... All self-deprecating aside (it's a stormy day outside and it seems to be affecting my mood, my apologies), I hopped right to it and continued the manic race to quilting triumph. Day 4 saw the real crazy in me come out, you could view it as an exercise in poor parenting, or a lesson in independence. I quilted this little 70's porn quilt in a design similar to Leah Day's H2O design ( Well I didn't actually watch her video I just jumped in and figured it looked simple so I should just breeze through this and call 'er good... how typical. I can not stress enough the advice to just slow your ass down and plan, plan, plan. I mean, obviously it worked out, but it didn't need to be that hard.  So anyhow I survived the race to the end and spent 17 hours in the car sewing the binding.  Anyhow I plan to post again soon and sorry for the delay(go life go).  But before I sign out I have received the Liebster Award from Tessa at and Mike at  Thank you both so much and everyone else out there for their kind and supportive words of encouragement.   

"Liebster" means "dearest" or "favorite" in German.  As a recipient you are expected to:  
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I nominate the following for the award.

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On a final personal note, I didn't win anything at the quilt show :( but wow for the quilts that did they were so amazing they had to be recognized.  Here is the finished photo of this 70's porn quilt.


  1. I can't believe you got it done so fast! It looks great! When I try and make something fast, I always screw it up somehow. Good for you and congrats on the Liebster!

  2. You really need to congratulate yourself for this 4 day accomplishment...especially Drunkard's Path! Such hard pieces to sew! Only a husband would suggest such a thing...and only such a rabid quilter would agree to it. Ha ha. Pat yourself on the back and move on.

  3. Thanks for awarding my little blog with a Liebster!
    Your Drunkards Path is amazing! Love the FMQ design. Perfect.

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and awarding me the Liebster!
    As soon as I'm off a couple of days, I'll will continue the tradition!

    The drunkard's path is gorgeous! I love the colors! Great job!

  5. Congradulations Sam, your quilting is really fabulous not even considering the time limits you set. G. & G.

  6. Thank you Sam for nominating us for the Liebster award, and will follow the tradition of nomination in the next day or two.